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Welcome to Battery Park Pediatric Dentists!

We proudly provide quality pediatric dental care to the community of New York and surrounding areas. Our office specializes in dentistry for infants, children and adolescents.

Our featured services include preventative children’s dentistry, oral hygiene and maintenance, management of growth and development.

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Patient Comfort
Our number one priority is our patient’s well-being. We implement all the tools available to make sure your child has a comfortable experience during his/her dental visit.
Our Patients Reviews

" My son has been going to Battery Park Dental group since he was one. Apparently his dentist left the practice and now a new pediatric dental office opened up next door, taking in the patients from the old place. I have to say, I’m very impressed with the new office. It’s bigger and it’s just for kids. They have a TV on the wall with cartoons and plenty of toys to keep the kids busy before their appointment. And the actual patient room is huge, clean and brand new. I’m very happy with the new practice and the service. I will definitely be coming back and I recommend it for parents and their kids. "


" My daughter had to have a baby root canal, and the entire procedure was calm, low-key, allowing plenty of time, no frustration, and allowed me to literally be in the dentist chair with my daughter, which reassured her and also reassured me she was getting the best care possible. The team genuinely loves kids, has the best dentistry equipment for kids, including kid-size masks for nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and the bedside manner, ease of explaining exactly what is being done during each step using kid-friendly​ metaphors, and truly remembering details about kids and speaking to them on their level was unparalleled​. "


" We're so happy that we found this pediatric dentist! We were initially worried since we saw that our 2 year old daughter had a few dark stains on her teeth. We brought her to another dentist in the area and felt that we needed a second opinion and we're so glad we did! Dr. Roxy is like the toddler whisperer. She was able to make my hyper and energetic daughter very calm using fun techniques and catch phrases when explaining to her what she was going to do next. She also had a monitor playing Disney princess videos, which helped as well 🙂 "


" We will be forever grateful to Battery park orthodontics. My child's wire had popped off her bracket and was poking her cheek- from a different orthodontic group that was already closed due to covid 19, - this group accommodated us and the care was efficient and highly skilled. Wonderful staff, wonderful experience. "